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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-05-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bulyowa Primary School 
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What are Gender Roles? 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants about their roles and responsibilities, sometimes parents tends to forget that.
Introduction Manuela went to bulyowa to teach the community members about the different roles of the family members for example fathers,mothers and the children. Looking at the curriculum, this lesson was to be taught under relationships skills but since community members requested Manuela to teach them, she had to teach them about those roles. Overview Manuela arrived in the village and this time she found 30 people already seated discussing on their home work, she greeted them and gave them some minutes to continue working on their home work, after that, Manuela called for the meeting to start with an opening prayer lead by Simon , after that, Manuela together with the participants reviewed the previous lessons, during this revision, few members managed to share their ideas concerning the previous lesson. After that, Manuela introduced the lesson on the different roles of family members. Manuela started by asking the participants that what is the a family? They harried to put up their hands, that a family is places that unite the father, mothers and children together, another person said that a family is a place where people live together , socialized and share common cultural beliefs, one person said that a family is a biological social unit composed of husbands, wife and children. After that Manuela asked the participants the function of a family they sighted that a family is a unit through which procreation takes place, a family is a basis of division of labor, Manuela also added that a family is a responsible for the production and up bringing of the children, a family is an important agent of socialization. After that Manuela asked the participants about the different roles of a father, they said a father should provide food for the family members, he must provide security for the family members, he must show unconditional love for his family members, he must have love and respect for his family members they even added that he must be able to make babies, after that Manuela also added that a good father must spend quality time for his family members, teaching discipline in children. After that Manuela asked the mother that out of what they sighted do father in bulyowa do that? They shouted nooooo they don’t, they only know to drink alcohol and playing cards, Manuela tuned to the fathers around and told them that marriage is a blessing from God, so she told them to take good care of their family members so that God can bless them, she even asked the men that how do they feel when their family members are staving due to their irresponsibilities, they said they feel bad, Manuela encouraged the fathers around to work hard so that that they can care for their family members, she even told them to be creative and think out side for the betterment of their families. While Manuela was explaining that, one man said it’s true they have left all the responsibilities in the hands of their wives but they are going to change put all what they learnt in to consideration. After that, Manuela asked the participants about the roles of a mother, they said a mother is to cook, wash clothing, a mother is to maintain hygiene around home, a mother is be a good communicator, teach discipline among children care for the children to show unconditional love for all the children and the husbands, to take good care of her husbands and others, Manuela also added that After that conversation, Manuela asked the mother do they do that as they listed? They said yes but the men shouted noooo they don’t so Manuela asked the mothers why, one of the mother said sometimes they are disappointed by their husbands that is why sometimes they don’t perform their duties rightly. Manuela encouraged the mother that they should be strong and talk to their that what they is wrong they should stop. She also told the men that they should love and take good care of their wives so that they can be happy in their marriage. Finally, Manuela asked the children around about their roles, they said that as children they must be good listeners, well behaved, help their parents with some domestic work, provide economic support to their parents. Manuela asked the parents do their children do that? They said some but the rest don’t, Manuela told the children that if they want to live longer on this earth they must respect their parents and any elderly person in this world, she even told them that blessings come out respect if they have respect for people then they will acquire blessings from God. She advised the children to avoid bad wards , bad peer group. Conclusion, Manuela encouraged the participants to love one another, have peace and unity , work together for the betterment of their families. Then she gave them homework on the next lesson. 
Next Visit
2021-06-09 - Purpose: To teach about the effects of abortion.
Program Success
Yes, there are some girls whom I have been talking to, to come and study life skills program, they have started to come for the lessons.
Program Critical Needs
Manuela needs to encourage the parents to come along with their children who from 13 and above.
Program Ownership
Participants coming early for the classes.
Other Program Observations
Program Expected Of Village
They will be working on their home work.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit.

Report Photos

19743 Manuela was emphasizing on the roles of the mothers in their homes. Manuela advised the that despite of the problems they go through, they should continue doing their roles as mothers.
19746 Here Manuela was demonstrating how children run from their father when they hear him coming because of his rudeness they run away. She told the fathers to be loving and caring to their family members.
19749 Time for children, Manuela was advising the children to be good listeners, communicator to their parents and they should be of good behavior to one another in that family.