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Visit by lorna katagara on 2021-05-31

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the children will get to know what good personal hygiene is.
Introduction Lorna went to this village where she was to teach about women and HIV/AIDS unfortunately the community lost a prominent doctor and so the community members were going to the funeral. In the report below we will see what prevailed. Overview On the way to the village Lorna kept calling the 3 different committee member but to no avail however, one number went through but Lubale couldn’t pick. We went ahead and reached the village however on reaching the village, we were welcomed by Juliet who told her that unfortunately they have lost a community member and many of the community members were going to the funeral. Different buses were seen ferrying people to the burial site. Lorna told Juliet they should have called her and told her because there expenses incurred . Juliet said he told Lubaale to call Lorna but I think he forgot since he is on the committee of the village he had to be at the burial arrangements. Lorna decided to mobilize the children and went ahead and taught them instead of wasting the trip. Lorna gathered the children sung some songs with them and then told them she was going to teach them about personal hygiene. The children were from primary 1-primary 7. We looked at what good personal hygiene is and when Lorna asked what good personal hygiene is, Nakayima a primary 6 pupil responded it is the general cleanliness of the body. We looked at the different aspects of personal hygiene which were oral hygiene where we had demonstrations on brushing our teeth, we looked at body hygiene and the reasons we should bathe , we looked at why we should wear clean clothes , we looked at hand washing and the importance of having a latrine and not practicing open defecation. It was very interesting as the answers came from the children. After that we looked at having good morals and behaviors as children where Lorna asked, how should a good child behave; they mentioned they should pray, listen to their parents, respect their elders, be disciplined , listen when they are being talked too among others. We looked at different examples like when they are sent to school and they hung around the road and not make it to school , sending them for water and instead of going straight to the water source they play along the way which is not right. She encouraged them to be good children always listening to their parents . Conclusion Lorna concluded by asking them what they wanted to become in future and we had some say policeman, Askari, soldiers, teachers, pilots, doctors. Lorna told them they can be all that and so much more if they work hard, respect their elders , parents, pray among others. She encouraged them not to tell lies, talk to their parents Incase they have any problem or challenges .We had 4 mothers sitting at the side and after the lesson, they thanked Lorna for teaching their children. After this Lorna set off for Jinja. 
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2021-06-07 - Purpose: Teach on women and HIV /AIDS
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