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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2021-05-31

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Alcohol and Drug Use 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the participants about the dangers of excessive drinking of Alcohol.
Introduction Alcohol is a liquid when taken too much can make a person drunk, there are some drinks which are sweet, bitter and burning, teaching community members of Kagulu about the causes and effects of Alcoholism may not be easy because this village is dominated by Muslim but among them there are also other religious groups like the catholic and Protestant, but teaching community members about certain lessons dose not mean who to teach but teach members to get the knowledge and the skills so that they can pass it from one person to another . Objective By the end of this lesson , participants will be to know all the dangers of Alcoholism. By the end of this lesson, participants will know why they take alcohol and what should they do in order to avoid excessive drinking. Overview Manuela reached the village early and found when leaders have already arrived at the meeting place, Manuela greeted them and requested for one of the participants to bring more seats, after short time, participants came in large numbers, sooner later they came and the meeting started with an opening prayer lead by Faridah, after prayers, Manuela asked the members about what they learnt previously, Manuela was happy to see some of her participants raising up their hands to give their views about the previous lessons. Many people shared their views and after that Manuela introduced another lesson on the causes and effects of Alcoholism, Manuela asked them what is alcohol? They gave her many answers even including the different types, so they mentioned some , Manuela asked them again that how do they feel while drinking, they said good. Manuela explained to them the different ways of drinking, she told them that there are people who drink to the extent that they don’t eat food, bath, wash their clothings, and there are others who drinks with discipline, they eat, they bath, they wash their clothes in general they are smart and they take good care of their families and in most cases they take alcohol at home.After that explanation, Manuela asked them that why do people drink? They sighted answers like people drink to pass time, because of family background for example if the fathers and the grate parents were drunkard then the new generation will also drink, they drink to share ideas, they drink because they saw their peers drinking, some people drink to gain boldness and others to show maturity, to forget problems. After that, Manuela asked members to add on if they have something different apart from what was presented. After discussing about the reason why people drink, Manuela went on and also asked the participants questions about different dangers of too much intake of Alcohol , this part was more responded by women because in this situation they suffer a lot more especially when a woman is having a drunkard man, during this discussion, women sighted answers like, In a home where a man drinks, kids don’t go to school, medication is poor, poor feeding as result of the father failing to provide for the family rather takes the money for drinking lack of basic needs like no good shelter, bad and old clothing the participants went on and said in a home where a head of family drinks, there will be no peace, children fearing their dad because he comes home while drunk and so abusive and quarrelsome and others went on and also said a man who drinks smells a lot, they don’t bath, they look sickly, in a home where a father is an Alcoholism, there is domestic violence, poverty, sickness and no piece in that home. Manuela asked the participants that what possible solutions should they give to people who drinks, one of the participants said that, for him he was requesting the leaders to set rules and regulations on people who drinks, for example there should be time for opening and closing the bars. Another person said who ever who drinks and dose take good care of their families should be arrested and taken to police and finally, a woman said that for her she wants the government to impose heavy tax so that villagers can not afford to buy frequently. Manuela said all that can be possible if our government can incorporate with the community leaders. Finally, Manuela advised the men to drink responsibly as they also take good care of their families, she told them even to reduce the intake, she also advised them to practice how they can stop drinking gradually. She also told them that disease caused by alcohol are not easily treated so they should be careful. As Manuela was closing the meeting, 
Next Visit
2021-06-07 - Purpose: To teach about roles and responsibilities of mothers, fathers and children too.
Program Success
Program Critical Needs
Still, Manuela needs to encourage men to come and study.
Program Ownership
Participants doing their homework and also participating group discussion.
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Program Expected Of Village
The participants will be working on their home given to them.
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
Manuela will be reading and preparing notes for the next visit.

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19818 Manuela was educating the community members about the different effects of Alcoholism to individuals who are at the addicted to Alcohol.
19821 That man is called, Salim, he was explaining how Alcohol destroyed him and his family before he joined Muslin, actually he was advising his fellow men who are still drinking to stop if they want peace in there families.
19836 Manuela was asking the participants reason why people drink Alcohol.
19839 Manuela is asking the participants that what are they going to do to their and families who drinks wrongly.