Mvule Community Development - Budumba

Visit by Chris Bulolo on 2021-05-24

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Chris Bulolo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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constitution writing 
Chris went to budumba vilage to continue guiding the community members as they drafted their constitution, Chris was able to meet 5 of the committee members who were responsible for collecting views of members concerning their constitution, they met at the chairmans home on his request because he was not feeling well to move to the venue. Throughout the last week the committee leaders have been engaging the community members through meetings to discuss about their constitution however , during the meeting the vice chairperson mr Otim revealed to chris that there was an old constitution they plan to revive, this old constitution belonged to the group they had formed before Kibo started working in their community so they wanted chris to advise them to decide whether they can write their own or revive the old one and go on to register their group meanwhile mr David who is the village chairperson said he was against reviving the old constitution, he said his concern was about the old members who had left the old group ,whose names are still in the old constitution however he suggested to the committee leaders to first consult the old members and find out whether they were still intrested in the group or not, he said if it came out that some members still want to join the group then they have to sit as a committee and decide what they have to do about it. However, Mr David who is the group raised a concern, he wondered why they would go on with the old constitution when the activities in the old constitution differ from those they agreed on, he also added on to say that renewing the old constitution will require the same amount required to make a new one . However chris appreciated the fact that they had a group before and the contestation over renewing the old constitution and making a new one was a very brilliant sign that the members were committed to the activities of their group however chris higjlighted on a number of factors before they could think of going on with the old constitution, first he said all members have to think about the vision, mission and the activities of their current group , he said they would either agree to make a few changes or if they agree with it then it will be okay , secondly they have to make sure they consult the old members and find out where they stand, are they still intrested in working together or not but they should be given the priority to rejoin the group as long as they fulfil the terms and conditions regarding membership of the group. In conclusion chris asked the committee ti make consultations with the old members and come up with a conclusive report about whether they proceed with the old constitution or make a new continue compiling the new one. 
Next Visit
2021-06-04 - Purpose: To continue guiding the community members as they draft their constitution, they have plans to renew the old constituion and certifacate or continue compiling the new constitution. Chris will be guiding on that.
Program Success
The comunity members have started compiling the notes of their constitution and putting them together.
Program Critical Needs
Program Ownership
I observed that the members mobilize each other for meetings.
Other Program Observations
I observed that hygine at the borehole has greatly improved.
Program Expected Of Village
To start correcting errors from their constitution
Program Staff Preparations Next Visit
To make a follow up phone call to the chairperson to find out how the process of writing their constitution is going on and advice them acordingly.

Report Photos

19824 Budumba village, in the photo above (sitting from left to right) is Chris, Mr grace otim (group mobilizer), Mr Paul the group treaurer, Mr Sam the group secretary , Mr David the chairman of the village and Mr Otim moses the group vice chairperson, they were discussing about the amount needed to compile and bind their constitution and how much each members is to contribute .