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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Menstrual Hygiene 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community knows what good personal hygiene is . By the end of the lesson, both men and women know the importance of them being involved in their children’s life during this time. What role they should play.
Introduction Lorna went to Mpumiro to teach on Menstrual hygiene and management.Menstruation perio$ is that time in the month where girls of puberty stage shed blood from their uterine walls when fertilization dies not take place. While Menstrual management refers to the general hygiene of the person during this stage/period. Overview When we just arrived the village, a few community members had escorted one of the women to the hospital as she was in such a bad condition. At the meeting place Lorna asked those she found at the meeting place what was the problem and they said she was sick but had worsened over night vomiting so they had to rush her to the hospital.It was sad but was a good thing she was rushed to the hospital. After some minutes after the community members had gathered the meeting officially started with the secretary giving an agenda which started with an opening prayer, chairman’s remarks and then Lorna was invited. Today we decided to hold the meeting back to the Community and not the School because we felt we were disrupting the schools activities however the school decided to follow us to the community as well. It was interesting to see that they came to the community but it was good since the topic we were going to teach about involved them. After the chairman’s remarks, Lorna began her lesson where as usual, we remind ourselves of the previous lesson taught. We had 3 community me,beers remind the rest that we looked at good personal hygiene for example we looked at how to brush our teeth well, another mentioned the values of education. Lorna thanked them for reminding the rest. Lorna urged the parents and children / to take these lessons serious and put everything in practice. Lorna mentioned that today we are going to look at menstrual hygiene and management. She went ahead and mentioned that this is a very sensitive topic and not one that people like to talk about and yet it is a stumbling block to especially women and girls. Lorna started by defining what menstrual hygiene and management is and asked the parents what happens during this time?. They were really shy. Lorna asked that let’s try not to be shy about it because we all need to know what happens during this time and what role everyone should play. She then asked a question on whether men should be involved during this season. The headteacher of Ikumbya said very much as him first of all as a headteacher , he needs to ensure the facilities are available for the girls to help themselves during that time but also as a parent, his responsibility is to buy pads for his children and soap . Another Ntalo mentioned that like him most of his children are girls and his responsibility as a father is to buy pads for his children. The rest of the men seemed unsure and the women were so shy as they said “Buko” (in laws). Lorna mentioned that even inlaws suffer the same thing and that we are here to learn. We then asked the pupils whether there parents should be involved and a one naigaga about 18 years old in primary 4 said none of her parents care about anything , they don’t provide pads, even pens and books. It was really sad and the community members were also sad. Lorna mentioned that it may be just her who has come out but many of us must be doing the same. Lorna urged the parents to be more responsible towards there children and asked if that girl decides to get money from men and later gets pregnant who would be to blame?. We then looked at the premenstrual signs that is; headache, pimples ,abdominal pain , backache, cravings, legs pain while another woman mentioned that for her she has never experienced any pain , she doesn’t know why these day girls have those pains.Lorna mentioned that if we notice these signs prior, we can better prepare ourselves and avoid being caught unaware. We also looked at different remedies to these times like; Pain killers, drinking hot water, exercising, using warm bottles among others. Lorna then asked what we use in the community during this time , they mentioned pads, clothes among others. We then looked at the management of these materials during this time. This is when the men need to come in to build facilities that will enable the women and girls wash themselves and provide soap and money to buy the necessary materials. We saw that at this time girls need to be extremely clean or they will be infected, smell among others. Lorna then showed them the different reusable pads and how to keep them clean. She asked the community members whether the materials are available and sewable and they said yes. She then called on one student yo demonstrate the how to use a pad and she demonstrated wrongly showing she may have not ever used it at all. It was sad. We looked at challenges during this time like ; failing to go to school and even dropping out. Lorna asked the parents to prepare their children for this time so they are aware and not got by surprise . With facilities to use, materials and ways to manage cramps, the girl child will stay in school and the women will go about their work. Conclusion Lorna encouraged the parents not to shy about these things . She urged the parents to talk to the boys as well not to laugh at the girls during this time but that it is a Norma thing that all female go through. She also warned then to let their children know that st this time they can get pregnant if they slept with men. The headteacher was so happy for this lesson and his assistant mentioned that by teaching this in the community, it eases their work as teachers since the parents now know their role in this period. Lorna mentioned that when we deal with this, we will have more girl children in school . 
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19983 Ngobi was commenting on the topic of the day Menstrual hygiene and management
19986 The lady in the picture was telling fellow parents to be involved in their children’s life . This was after Naigaga a pupil mentioned that her parents don’t care about her needs
19989 The headteacher of Ikumbya P/S commenting on the lesson of the day